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Research Areas

In addition to the primary goals the collaboration facilitates projects (in varying degrees of completion) in the following research areas (in no particular order). If you like to get in touch with NuGrid members participating in any of these projects, please get in touch with the present PI (see below). They are centred around nucleosynthesis and the impact of nuclear physics on stellar evolution, supernovae, etc, and their chemical yields.

Stellar evolution and nucleosynthesis Massive stars
  AGB and SAGB stars
Supernovae (SNe) explosive nucleosynthesis
  core collapse SNe
  Type Ia SNe
  Electron-capture SNe
Galactic chemical evolution  
Nucleosynthesis in compact objects Novae
  RCB stars
  X-ray bursts
  neutron-star mergers
Nucleosynthesis processes s process
  p process
  rp process
  i process
  r process
  neutrino processes