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Connecting nuclear physics with observations

The NuGrid Python Chemical Evolution Environment (NuPyCEE) allows to simulate the chemical enrichment and stellar feedback of stellar populations. We provide easy-to-read python codes, documentation, and userguides. The Stellar Yields for Galactic Modeling Applications module (SYGMA) models the enrichment and feedback from simple stellar populations. It is the basic building block of the galaxy code One-zone Model for the Evolution of GAlaxies (OMEGA). Our STELLar ABundances (STELLAB) module  provides a library of observed stellar abundances ready to be used.


For STELLAB and NuPyCEE, please refer to Ritter & Côté (2016)
For SYGMA, please refer to Ritter, Côté, Herwig, et al. (2018)
For OMEGA, please refer to Côté, O'Shea, Ritter, et al. (2017)

Publications with NuPyCEE

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Cyberhubs: Virtual Research Environments for Astronomy

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Uncertainties in Galactic Chemical Evolution Models


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